Hwupenyu Health and Wellbeing Project

Hwupenyu Health and Wellbeing Project

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Sat 28 November 2020

About us

We are Hwupenyu Health and Wellbeing Project - a small charity based in Glasgow. We provide support for Black and African communities living with long term health conditions, and work to promote the wellbeing of these communities as a whole.


Our projects include running a weekly foodbank, providing free counselling sessions, culturally informed education and outreach on a wide range of health issues, a peer support womens' group, providing support and guidance in accessing resources and healthcare, and much more.


Community and culturally informed ways of working are central to everything we do at Hwupenyu.


We need your help to be able to deliver our services - so we can push for a Scotland with equitable access to healthcare for all. Thank you for your support, and good luck!


Yours sincerely,

Hwupenyu Health and Wellbeing Project

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